Deluxe Deshedding

by Mr. Q

We love our furry friends, but excess hair can be problematic. Whether it’s driving us crazy with sisyphean sweeping, or driving them crazy by contributing to skin problems, the removal of dead, loose hair can improve health and happiness in your home.Through over a decade of service, I have developed proprietary methods and a strong base of pet care knowledge, both of which I am eager to share with you and your pets in hopes of contributing to a strong bond and a happy life.



Since 2009 I’ve had the privilege of growing my pet care knowledge and experience at some of Jacksonville’s most venerable institutions.Over the years I began to notice how many pets suffer regularly from skin and hair problems. Between clients and colleagues at work, and my own struggles with my Westie at home, I realized that many pet owners and professionals were all too familiar with a plethora of symptoms, but lacked knowledge when it came to the causes or appropriate treatments.I became driven to better understand the issues I was seeing on a daily basis, and how I could do my part to help these animals and their caretakers find some relief. That drive has led me on a journey of continued education which I strive to implement into my work and share with my community.We all love our pets, and I believe one of the best ways to strengthen our bonds with them is to learn more about their needs and how to provide the best care that we can for a happy, healthy life.

My Services

Florida’s climate can be a lot for our pets. Their bodies handle the heat differently than ours, and the humidity can hinder their ability to cool off through panting.Many coat types are prone to trapping excess hair that can prevent airflow to the skin, further reducing your pet's ability to cool down. Not only that, their coats also trap moisture and irritants from the environment, which can contribute to problems such as itchy skin, hot spots, and infections. Properly maintaining your pet’s hair and skin is a vital part of maintaining their overall health.With all this in mind, I've developed specialty grooming services to keep your pet feeling and looking their best while promoting proper biological function. Whether it's preventative maintenance or handling a health condition, I've got you covered.


Deluxe Deshedding

It’s not your average deshedding service. This thorough 10-step process removes built-up undercoat and loose hair while deep conditioning skin for a healthy coat and a happy pup.


Skincare Soak

A gentle cleansing and medicated treatment for irritated or problematic skin. With a variety of specialty products to choose from, we can assess your pet’s needs together or work with your vet’s recommendations.


Complete Clean

Sometimes all you need is a nice warm bath. Whether you’re headed back from a hike or looking for a routine clean, this deep cleanse will get your pet next-level fresh.


I've developed these services primarily for dogs, but I am happy to discuss your cat’s needs and how I'm able to help meet them.


How much do your services cost?

Prices are set during the first appointment based on factors such as your pet’s size, coat type, and condition. If you’d like an estimate, visit my Contact page and tell me about your pet!

How long will it take?

Every pet is different, and every day’s full of different pets. In general though, you can expect a 1-3 hour timeframe.

Do you offer haircuts?

I provide trims on paws, potty areas, and around the eyes as needed. Full haircuts aren’t in my wheelhouse, and I rarely recommend shavedowns. I do however, operate out of Olga’s Pet Grooming, and encourage anyone seeking a haircut to reach out to Olga and discuss your needs. If you'd like to enlist both our services, just let me know and I'll be happy to coordinate.

Will you stop my pet from shedding?

From birth to death, every mammal that's ever existed has been in a constant cycle of growing and losing hair. The breed, bloodline, and individual genetics of our pets affect the characteristics of their coat. Different coats will shed differently, but they all will shed. My services are designed to help promote proper function of the hair growth cycle while seeking to minimize the chance of built-up hair causing irritation.

Can you cure my pet’s skin problems?

While my services have been developed through education and experience, I am not a doctor and therefore I cannot and do not claim to cure or prevent any medical conditions. That said, I will always alert you to any concerns I may have about your pet's health, and I'm eager to assist with any bathing regimen your vet recommends.


Please feel free to reach out with any questions!

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